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The origin of the spelling of the Pearen name has been traced back to the church records in the village of Merton, Devon, England. Therefore, everyone who spells their name this way is related. Although there is no proof, we have reason to believe that our ancestors moved to Merton from Cornwall in the early 1600ís and that the original spelling was Pearn. We continue to work with Pearn genealogists to try to make the link if it exists.

From England, some of our ancestors emigrated to Canada in 1834 and from there, some moved to the United States. I the 1860ís, other family members moved from Merton to Australia. Although there are still Pearen descendants in England, they are the descendants of Pearen women so our family name is no longer in use in England.

I publish Pearen Family News for all Pearen descendants and also maintain an e-mail mailing list of all Pearen descendants.

There are several family members in England, Canada, Australia, and the United States who are working together on our genealogy and history. We are collecting information for a book to be called Pearen Family History. We are looking for personal histories, stories, newspaper clippings, and genealogical information on all Pearen descendants.

There are close ties between the Pearen and Modeland families in North America. Three Pearen men married three Modeland women in the late 1800ís in the Toronto area. As a result, most Canadian and some American Pearen and Modeland families are related. Therefore, you will also find Modeland information on this site.

This site is a work in progress. Historic files will be added as time permits. If you are a Pearen or Modeland descendant, please contact me.



News items, birth, death, obituaries, etc that have been published in newspapers.


Places named in honor of family members


Feature articles from Pearen Family News

Pearen Family News is published exclusively for and by the Pearen family. It is free to all family members and is supported by donations.


Pedigree charts with living individuals deleted for privacy and security reasons.


Photos of Pearen Family collectables and the history of them.

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