Pearen Place Names

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pearen Memorial United Church
Pearen Street
Pearen Park

Pearen Street and the adjacent park are named after J. M. Pearen, who was involved in the earliest organization of the Methodist congregation and who later, when he was ordained, served as its first minister from 1903 to 1905. When "Mount Dennis Methodist Church" joined the United Church in 1925, it was decided to honour Rev. Pearen by renaming it as "Pearen Memorial United Church." The street and park names followed as the area was developed.

Somerville Avenue is also named for a founder of the original Pearen congregation. Robert Somerville was the superintendent of the "Sunday School" which served in place of a fully constituted church for several years prior to 1903. He was also the brother in law of Rev. J. M. Pearen.

The origins of Pearen Memorial United Church go back to 1890 when a Sunday School was organized in the then vacant homestead of the Marshall family on what is now Arnold Avenue just off Lambton Avenue. This house is now occupied by Madeline Marshall, widow of the late Keith Marshall who was a grandson of the original landowner. An atlas of York County dated 1878 shows the holdings of "Geo. Marshall" extending north to what is now Lambton Avenue, west to Jane Street, south to a line below the crest of the escarpment and east to approximately Cliff Street. However, only Weston Road and Jane Street existed as streets at that time. The 1878 map shows a long farm lane leading east from the house to Weston Road. According to the 1980 publication, Stories of York, this house was also the site of the first local school.

Milton, Ontario, Canada
Pearen Street.

Pearen Street was named after E. Rosslyn (Ross) Pearen (1906-1975). Ross was a reporter and photographer for The Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, and Milton Champion newspapers, a municipal employee, and a municipal politician.

Murgon, Queensland, Australia
Pearen Street

Providence, Road Island, USA
Pearen Street

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