Modeland Family Genealogy and History
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The origin of the spelling of the Modeland name has been traced back to the church records in Cornwall, England. Therefore, everyone who spells their name this way is related. From England, some of our ancestors emigrated to Canada and from there, some moved to the United States. In the 1800’s the Pearen and Modeland families owned neighboring farms in Peel County which is now part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In a period of two generations, three Pearen men married three Modeland women so our two families have close genealogical ties in Canada and the United States.

There are several family members in Canada, and the United States who are working together on our genealogy and history. We are looking for personal histories, stories, newspaper clippings, and genealogical information on all Modeland descendants. If you are a Modeland descendant, please contact me  and I will pass the information on to the other researchers.

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